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Choose Best Power Adapter Housing Material

Under normal circumstances the power adapter housing are made with a plastic material, of course, is part of an industrial power with a metal shell. We generally common power adapter housing materials, the main material ABS, ABS + PC material, pure PC material. Normally we only use three materials, let's look at the differences introduced one by one these types of materials in which?

1. PC material

Let's take a pure PC material power adapter, pure PC material with ultra-high strength and elastic modulus, using a wide range of temperatures, (ABS general material can only be used at -25 degrees to 60 degrees using), additional material having a PC high degree of transparency and freedom of dyeing, so for the power adapter to do a variety of colors is very good, in addition to this material also has fatigue resistance, weather resistance, odorless to humans, is in line with health and safety.