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Knowledge Of Desktop Mount Power Science Science: Talk About The Choice Of Power!

Desktop Mount Power is the largest load in the machine the most difficult and most difficult to wear parts of the aging, once the boot power to have non-stop work and then work, or even, in order to ensure the use of mouse and keyboard peripherals a key to boot or regular boot, power off When the power supply has to maintain +5 V power supply output. Look, motherboard CPU memory hard drive brother has been resting the power is still working model model, Ma home of the dedication should be given the power of the most.

First, the wire output mode

Now the Desktop Mount Power from the wire output can be divided into non-modular, semi-modular, all-module Desktop Mount Power. Non-module refers to the most common kind, whether it is 12V motherboard power supply, CPU auxiliary power supply, graphics auxiliary power supply, hard drive and the upcoming out of the floppy drive power supply interface, etc. all the output is directly from the power supply internal DC output module Pull the line to the outside, the most intuitive is with a large lump of wire and ---- it is not separated from the power (you want to use scissors when I did not say). Ordinary non-modular power supply output wire is fixed, then take out a few lines can only use a few lines, not enough no way.

Half-module Desktop Mount Power that is only +12 V motherboard power supply is directly from the power inside the matchmaking to the outside, the other several power supply are modular design and manufacturing can be installed and removed at any time, this means that the half-module also.

Full module Desktop Mount Power that all the power supply circuit is a modular design and manufacturing, which way to pick which way. This power supply looks more like - tiles. But you do not look down on this tile, in the power of the electrical performance of the same specifications, it is the most expensive of the three Desktop Mount Power, without him, because enough to force enough foot, installed so that the chassis is more neat and beautiful Line is also more convenient. Full module Desktop Mount Power appearance, please refer to Figure 1. Of course, in the same power quality under the premise of the choice of non-modular, semi-module or the whole module this is a bit irrelevant, mainly to see personal preferences, purse fullness and appearance of the party Of obsessive-compulsive disorder. But pay attention to whether the length of the wire for their own chassis.

Second, specifications / standards

Power this thing it is standard and standard, and now the latest specification is ATX 12V 2.2 standard. The standard sponsor is the toothpaste factory Intel. When purchasing power, you should try to choose a higher standard version of the Desktop Mount Power. First high-specification version of the power supply can be completely backward compatible. Second, the new standard 12V, 5V, 3.3V and other output power distribution is usually more suitable for the current computer accessories power requirements, such as ATX 12V 2.0 specification even if the total power of the same circumstances, the more power allocated to 12V output, 3.3V and 5V power output, more suitable for the latest computer accessories needs. As a result of the dual +12 V output, the main power connector to connect the motherboard from the original 20-pin to 24-pin, respectively, by the 12 × 2 main power supply and 2 × 2 CPU dedicated power interface components. Although the interface is connected together, but the two +12 V power supply on the wiring is completely separate, independent output. This high version of the power supply can be divided into two parts of the main 24-pin Desktop Mount Power, compatible with the old motherboard with 20-pin main power interface. In addition, the ATX 12V 2.0 specification also boosts the efficiency of the full load conversion efficiency to more than 80%, further achieving environmental protection and energy requirements, and once again strengthened the +12 V current output capability.